“She did everything possible to support me and make my first night with my new baby so successful.”

I could not have picked a better doula to be present for the birth of my son. Allie was there for me from the very beginning of my pregnancy right until the delivery and beyond that. She answered every question and was more than accommodating of me not living in the same city! She made sure not only I but also my support people were as ready as possible for the event. Periodically she was checking in on me making sure if I had any concerns or questions that they were answered. Allie is very evidence based and this spoke to me. I like concrete information and research I can read and trust. When I had questions Allie provided credible sources I could go over and make informed choices with. If she didn't immediately have sources she had no problem putting the work in to get me what I was looking for. When my labour started I can honestly say that I had an absolute need for her to be there. She was the person I trusted during this incredibly vulnerable time. She was able to make it to Nanaimo from Vancouver and I am so thankful for that. Going into this I knew that there was a chance that because of my location she may not be able to attend. It was no problem and she was able to accommodate coming over for the night the moment I needed her to. Without her support I do not know if I would have been able to successfully get through my home birth. She did everything possible to support me and make my first night with my new baby so successful. From making sure both me and my baby ate to helping my partner clean up. In the weeks following the birth her support remained the same. I am so blessed to say that Allie now has a special place in our family. When I decide to do this crazy thing again I will most definitely be using her as my doula.